Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hainanese Chicken Rice

This is my site about just sharing what I love with everyone and even hooking you up with the good things in life.  Be it a hotel or some good food around the world; I will try and hook your ass up real good! NO BS, just the good stuff.

To kick it off, this is my favorite all time dish, Hainanese chicken rice from Tong Fong Fatt in Ghim Moh market.  They also have a branch in Maxwell Road market to the right of Tian Tian.  New York City based 3 star chef Jean Georges loves this, not that I care, over Tian Tian the usual favorite of Anthony Bourdain.  The soy gravy is light and tastier.  When it comes to local Singapore food,  we all are the 3 star chefs, not them!  Rock on baby. Ain't no white guy gonna tell us about our chicken man.  I know all my brudders here on our sunny island feel that way.

Tony and Jean Georges are close friends and I have pointed them in the right direction and they have been very open and they DO get it.  Don't get me wrong.  Alot of people that travel to our part of the world and even those that even live here DON'T.  They rather eat overpriced , over cooked, over bastardized, over hyped,  over decorated interiors ; us Singaporeans don't give a rat's ass about the atmosphere, the food on the plate IS the atmosphere bonehead!  Like I always say to my friends visiting, when you see a table cloth, run like you stole something!!  My advice to the people that don't get it is stay on the dark side and leave ma chicken rice alone!  You make it look bad, it doesn't wanna hang with you baby!  You're safer at Starbucks dishwater and Coffee Beaner and Dried Leaf suckin down a dried muffin and chatting about your maid problems and children play dates.

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