Thursday 1 December 2011


The usual line you will see.

I've always wondered where the ultimate Teochew Bak Chor Mee (minced pork dried noodle) was and i think i found it after much asking around.  The Hill St Tai Hwa Pork Noodle stall on Crawford Lane was mentioned by so many people and also by my NS buddy Seetoh aka Makansutra;  yes, we fought for our country together in Pioneer Magazine!  I arrived at about 11am and just looked for the famous line!  There it was and i started my wait like the rest of Singapore.

This stall was originally in a coffee shop  by Coleman Bridge on Hill St, moved to Hill St Centre, moved again to Marina Sq and finally here to Crawford Lane.

Fresh noodles in the casing in front and Mr Tang's helpers prepare the noodles for each order.  Notice they are wearing gloves?  That's a good sign or they get canned.
Mr Tang preparing each bowl for the customers with the lady who you will meet who takes your orders, looks on.

Mr Tang mixing the magic potion sauce.

40 min later, I received my heaven in a bowl.  Thank you Lord!

Minced pork, sliced pork, pork balls (it's not what you think my American friends), dried salted fish, won tons in a black vinegar and sambal sauce (because we are from Singapore)  and some magic potion.  There's usually liver in it but I only do french goose liver.  You can order the extra salted fish for $2 if you crave for it.  If Mr Tang told me the secret potion he would have to kill me so don't ask me about it.

This is pretty much the best fun you are EVER going to have with your clothes on people!   Suck on dat noodle like there's no tomorrow and you don't even get a fortune cookie.  Who the hell even invented that s@%t anyway!  This lived up to my expectations and I'm sure for you cheap Singapore asses, this $5 bowl is a better deal than overpriced American trying to pass off as Italian Penne at Osteria Mozzahella at MBS....and it tastes way better too.  To my Italian friends,  this is your pasta in it's original form before Marco brought it back to Venice and added tomato sauce and cheese.  MEE POK BUAY TAHAN!

Your $4 meat ball soup side order.  It's not included you cheap ass.


Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle
Block 466, Crawford Lane
Closed 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month
I'm not giving you the telephone number so you can't call and order for your 3 tier family and  your whole office so you can jump the line you kia su B%*#&#)D!!


  1. That is da shit right there!!!!

  2. u sure not..howabout the bar chor mee next to the police station @ bedok north...also got da best choke!

  3. Worth the Big Ass Q!

  4. You are right brotha! My old tired American ass loved those noodles. Waiting for your next bog

  5. Damn you man! Why you gotta go making me crave stuff I can't get up in here?;-) Now I know where I'm eating the next time I'm in S'pore.