Saturday, 10 December 2011


The Original Tau Kwa Pau in Katong, home of the Noisy Nyonyas!

The previous locations at the junction of Joo Chiat Rd and East Coast Rd. They are now at Dunman Food Centre, Onan Rd.

The "original" Tao Kua Pau shop was on the left corner and the fake one is in the right corner dirty coffee shop.

The shop front in the kopi tiam of the previous location in Joo Chiat.

Growing up in Katong, you can't help but have the taste of Tau Kwa Pau etched in your brain.  It was originally across the street where Mary's Corner now is which serves the fake ones!  Mr Chew's dad a Teochew, started it in 1959 and says it was a Teochew/Baba invention. 

Mr Chew doing his thing dicing the filing.

It's a deep fried Tofu pocket and the filling is made of diced cucumbers, boiled eggs, deep fried yam cracker and deep fried fish balls.  The fake ones are just made of a whole tofu with a cross shaped cut and filings scattered on top.  That S&*T don't cut it for me, it MUST be a pocket tofu so you can hold it.

They sell about 600 a day.

The sauces served with it is a braised duck sauce (the shop also sells Teochew braised duck)  and the other a red chili sauce with green chilies inside.
Make sure you tell the shop NOT to cut the tofu as it's better in it's whole form uncut so you can eat it like a burger.
You are now ready for heaven. Trust me, it's better than a Big Mac.

They cost only $2.40 for a pair (last I saw) which is half the cost of a latte at Starbucks and I bet it tastes better too.
They have 3 menus: breakfast  2, lunch 4 and dinner 6... I'm just kidding!
So look no further as this is the only Tao Kwa Pau shop in the world!  Welcome to the real Katong.

Nothing like some Kopi Ping with it.

Address : Say Seng Tao Kwa Pau
Dunman Food Centre,  271 Onan Rd,#01-05 (basement)
Tel : 9488-7736
7am - 5pm Open Everyday

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  2. I went there few months back and the fake one has the cheek to take over the original one's shop after the uncle moved to the student hostel. Maybe you should update new pictures on your post.
    Also its $1.50 /pcs now as his rent has doubled at the hostel.

  3. Now the stall shifted to Duman Food Centre opp the police post.

  4. fantastic taste... original katong